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gabion products of Gabions Gabions
Yuanxi gabions is a rectangular woven wire mesh box. Its strength lies in its double ......
  gabion products of Welded Gabion Gabion Mattresses
Gabion Mattresses are used for permanent erosion control in channels, stream banks, spillways...

gabion products of Gabions Welded Gabion
Welded wire gabions are made of welded wire fabrics. This kind of wire mesh containers...
  gabion products of Welded Gabion Sack Gabion
Sack Gabion are double twist hexagonal wire mesh units consisting of a single mesh panel laced to form....

gabion products of Gabions Rockfall Netting
Rockfall netting is a steel woven hexagonal opening wire netting which is used to prevent rocks...
  gabion products of Welded Gabion Green Terramesh
Green Terramesh is an environmental friendly Yuanxi gabion type used for erosion control for rivers...
gabion products of Welded Gabion Instomat
"Instomat" is a modular earth containing units specially designed for rapid deployment and ...

In actual construction, the gabion is somewhat like a cage. The cage may be cylindrical or in the shape of a square or rectangular box. The cage may be constructed with a number of different materials, depending on the application. In some cases, the gabion is made with the use of metals, while gabion that are intended for temporary use may be composed of an outer shell of canvas or a similar material. Even wick has been used as the material of choice for a gabion.
Materials of Gabion: Heavy zinc-coated,5% Al-Zn(Galfan),10% Al-Zn,Heavy zinc-coated+PVC,5%Al-Zn(Galfan)+Pvc,10%Al-Zn+PVC.
Variety of Gabion: Sack gabion,Gabion Mats,Reno mats,Heavy type hexagonal wire mesh

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