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Product List
"INSTOMAT" is a modular earth containing units that is specially designed for rapid deployment and equally rapid retrieving for reuse.
This modular structure allows the users to readily construct various structures by connecting individual units in lengths, breadth,and heigth"INSTOMAT" combines the strength of sturdy weld mesh with hydraulic permeabiltiy of geotextile membrane.
Most of the in-fill avaliable on construction site can be used without requiring to transport filling materials from long distance.
"INSTOMAT" is a rapid,economical,labour saving protection system which is useful during the time of peace,environmental disasters or military crisis.
Military & Defence : As a protection against blast & ballistic for troops, equipments,and installations.
Environment Protection: Barriers against disasters like flood, volcanic eruption,avalanches,land and mud slides.
Noise Barriers: To protect from noise.
Hydraulic Structures : Emergency protection and repair for roads ,embankments,bridges and abutments And others applications.
For specification and sizes please send your enquiry to us.

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